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Do I have to be a member to participate?

No! No commitments necessary.

How often does Endeavor Escapes meet?

As of 2023 we try to host an event once a month but we are always willing to make exceptions!

Will I have cellular service on the property?

Absolutely not! That's part of the fun! We are located in the middle of the National Radio Quiet Zone which means no service! We highly reccomend downloading a large map area surrounding Durbin, WV so when offline the map still shows just in case. However, should you need service feel free to stop at our local Par Mar Gas station located at Old Route 250, Durbin, WV 26264

Can I bring my own tent?

Absolutely! Bring 'em on down! Keep in mind there is a lot of terrain change so we also recommend hammocks as well.

Can my sedan make it up the mountain?

Unfortunately, we prefer Subaru-level vehicles or higher in terms of vehicle accessibility. In winter months, all-terrain or off-road tires are required. Feel free to call us with further questions.

Does the property have bathroom facilities?

As of 2023, this location does not offer physical toilets. However, there is running stream water to wash your hands.

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